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  • Roseto Botanico Carla Fineschi

    Sinds 1967 huist de botanische rozentuin Carla Fineschi verschillende soorten rozen en hybriden van over de hele wereld. Het is een liefdadigheidsinstelling met een unieke privécollectie. Het doel ervan is om de wetenschappelijke collectie rozen te behouden. De rozentuin in Cavriglia werd opgezet door prof. Gianfranco Fineschi, een professor aan de faculteit Geneeskunde van de Katholieke Universiteit van Rome. De tuin wordt nog voortdurend verbeterd en aangevuld met nieuwe soorten.
    De tuin is open vanaf de eerste zondag in mei tot de laatste zondag van juni. De entree is niet duur en wordt gebruikt voor het behoud van de tuin.

    Adres: Località Casalone 76
    52022 Cavriglia (AR)
    Web: www.rosetofineschi.it

  • Minigolf San Cipriano

    Minigolf met 18 holes, in de zomer ook 's avonds geopend. Fantastisch idee voor een familiemiddagje-uit. Er is een cafè met overdekt terras.
    Geopend van mei tot en met oktober, afhankelijk van het weer.
    Adres: Via del campo
    52022 Cavriglia (AR)

    Web: www.minigolf-valdarno.org

  • Festivals en evenementen

    Het slakkenfestival
    Wordt in de laatste week van april in het dorpsstadion gehouden. Er zijn kraampjes waar u slakken kunt proeven: een lokale delicatesse. Er is ook ander eten te krijgen.
    Kijk op de lokale borden voor de exacte datum.

  • Perdono a Cavriglia
    Op de eerste zondag in augustus in Cavriglia. Er worden verschillende activiteiten georganiseerd, zoals kraampjes, concerten en lokale etenswaren.

    Festa Perdono Castelnuovo
    2e zondag in juli in het nabijgelegen Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni. Verschillende activiteiten in dit kleine dorpje. Ook kraampjes met lokale producten en wijnen.

    Perdono a Montegonzi
    4e zondag in juli in het plaatsje Montegonzi. Het kleine, karakteristieke dorpje wordt opgefleurd met muzikale en gastronomische evenementen op straat.

  • Toeristische informatie

    In de zomer ’s morgens open

    Gesloten: Zondag
    Adres: Viale Principe di Piemonte 9
    52022 Cavriglia (AR)

Beleef een officiele Toscane Tour met

Visit a private Florentine Medieval Tower and meet the Owner

The Medieval  Florence is represented nowadays by still standing Towers-Houses located around the city. Inside these towers medieval families lived and also protected themselves from enemies. During the tour your guide will speak about the struggle and rivalry between the Guelph and Ghibelline, two very important political parties during the Medieval period.
Highlight of this tour: we enter a private Towerhouse, still owned by  the members of an ancient Florentine Family. They will show us in depth  how it was the life in the towerhouse during the dark age, its secret corners and passages and what where the strange tools we'll see for. We'll have an aperitif with them, whillst told misterious stories of the house and shown the private artworks they still own ! Very exclusive tour!

vanaf €65

Dining experience at a Cesarina's home in Siena with show cooking

Immerse yourself in a private dining experience at a Cesarina's home, enjoy an exclusive show cooking and  taste authentic Sienese recipes treasured in family cookbooks passed down by real Italian Mammas. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality as you connect with local people.
Enjoy a 4-course menu including starter, pasta, main course with side dish, dessert with  drinks included (water, selection of red and white wines from Tuscany cellars and coffee). At the end of the experience, take your souvenir back home: the official Cesarine apron and shopping bag.
Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of 600+ home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.

vanaf €85

Vegan or Gluten Free Lunch or Dinner

Vegan lunch includes:
Bruschetta with olive oil, mixed crostini bread and grilled vegetables
First Course:
Tuscan Ribollita soup or Fresh homemade pasta with vegetable sauce.
Second Course:
Chickpeas Hamburger with potatoes
Dry biscuits without eggs and butter with dessert wine
The Gluten free lunch includes:
Cheeses, salami & Bruschetta with bread
without gluten and olive oil
First Course:
Buckwheat fresh homemade pasta without gluten with vegetable sauce or Lasagna gluten-free.
Second Course:
Roasted meat with potatoes
Dry gluten-free Biscuits with dessert wine
Wines included:
Vernaccia di San Gimignano D.O.C.G.
Chianti D.O.C.G.
Chianti Classico D.O.C.G.
Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.
Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G.
Rosso di Montepulciano D.O.C.
Baldassarre Riserva I.G.T.
Cavaliere Riserva I.G.T.
Bartolomeo Riserva I.G.T.
Vin Beato – Dessert wine
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Truffle Olive Oil
Pepper Olive Oil
Old Selected Balsamic Vinegar

vanaf €40

Livorno private walking tour with a local guide

Join this private walking tour led by a local guide to discover the pretty city of Livorno, still quite far away from the most common tourist routes. Explore a gem of Italy that was established by the Medici family to become the cosmopolitan “City of the Nations."
During this 2.5-hour tour, your expert guide will take you to discover the secrets and the wonders of this particular fortress city, explaining its articulated defensive system.
See the elegant Quartiere Venezia, the Fortezza Nuova (new fortress), the Church of Saint Catherine from Siena, piazza (square) della Repubblica, the central market (quick stop here, with the chance to taste the famous "5&5"), Piazza Cavallotti with its "green market", via Grande, via della Madonna with its particular churches, and Piazza Grande where you can admire the Dome of Livorno.
Ready to lose yourself through these enchanting squares, canals and legends?
Just one tip: don't forget to bring your camera with you!

vanaf €270